New Year, new clients, new relationships!

We have had a very exciting first month of 2017!

We were lucky enough to acquire a fairly large client here in the Inland Northwest. They are currently our largest client with 140 computers, 5 servers and multiple locations. We just ordered a new server and have a schedule of replacing all 140 computers (10 per month) over the next 14 months. We are also moving all 250 total employees to Office 365 and have just rolled our Symantec Endpoint Protection to all users.

Additionally, we are finalizing another server roll-out to another one of our newer clients. They also have four offices and we are connecting all their remote sites to the main office here in Spokane. We are excited about this client as this is expanding Priority Networking into Seattle and down to Boise.

Lastly, we were awarded an IT contract after meeting with a third-party IT consulting team Alvarez-Jones. After being interviewed they gave us a nod to perform work with a client here in Spokane.

We are very excited about this year, we are growing the company and clients are looking forward to new relationships as we support some of the Northwest's best clients!